Get the tables!

Table cut off will be May 22nd. We will most likely be sold out by then so get yours now.

Get your tables!

We still have some tables remaining for our June 22nd show at the Metroplex Expo Center in Girard, OH. Tables are $50 each. Tables are 8ft with plenty of room around them. See you June 22nd.


Our February show was a huge success thanks to all of you! We had over 1000 customers through the door. Tables for our June 22nd show go on sale February 18th. Table requests will not be filled until after they are announced on sale.

This Saturday!

Only a couple more days! What do you hope to find??
Ain't it beautiful?!

Toyhio Toy Show Exclusive!

We're so excited to finally announce this! Our February 9th show will have an exclusive Toyhio Super Shredder enamel pin! These pins are so solid with 6 colors and double posts so it won't
move around on you. The pins are only $10 and there's a huge bonus for you guys, you buy a pin and you will get into the show for free! Only downside... There's only 100 so you better get there early and NO! THEY WON'T BE AVAILABLE BEFORE FEBRUARY 9TH! See you at Toyhio 5: The Return!

Huge thank you and shout out to Pollyanna for an amazing job on the pins.